Welcome to the Trièves! A territory full of nature, with plenty to explore, discover and experience!

You won’t find any queues or crowded spots here: our luxury is to be able to take the time to live simply! 

Here you can really go on a myriad of adventures. Walk our hiking trails, ride an electric bike or a mountain bike on our well signposted routes, take to the skies, gallop on horseback or ride peacefully along with the donkeys, get acquainted with husky sled dogs…  also climb rockfaces, learn to recognise wild plants, discover arts and crafts and our traditions, or simply just take in the wonder of  wild, protected nature in all its glory. The Trièves is also a great place for children and eco-responsible activities, so take a look at our selection!

How would you like to explore the Trièves, located between the Vercors and Dévoluy?