A car-free holiday, a carbon-free weekend, this is  possible in the Trièves!

Come and discover this beautifully preserved territory in southern Isère, ahead of its time, and less than an hour from Grenoble or 2h30 from Lyon by train (or by bus), thanks to its 2 stations (Clelles and Monestier-de-Clermont).

Ecotourism… eco-responsible tourism… slow tourism… these words denote a strong commitment! In the Trièves, enjoy exceptional natural diversity thanks to numerous plant species,  varied wildlife and an impressive reserve of starry skies… and all this, on foot, by bike, by VAE (electrically assisted bicycle), or on horseback if you feel like it!

In this section discover ideas for car-free holidays, as close to nature as possible, in the Vercors or  in Devoluy. Also activities at numerous craft, agricultural and cultural sites which make up La Route des Savoir-Faire, accommodation spread throughout the territory, outdoor sports supervised by professionals, and an ecological centre which makes us proud: Terre Vivante.

The “Route des Savoir-Faire”

The “Route des Savoir Faire” of the Trièves is made up of women and men who have made their art, their knowledge, their passion, their job. Artists,  craftsmen, farmers, and cultural centres… They open the doors to their workshops, welcome you to their farms, invite you to discover their activity. Whether it is for a tasting, a show or a visit, you will be amazed by the richness of this territory. Your taste buds, your hands and your eyes will ask for more!

Discover the “Route des Savoir Faire du Trièves”

Activities: Go Green!

Welcome to the Trièves! Give added meaning to your experiences during your stay!

Hiking, starry skies observation, training courses with craftsmen and producers of the “Route des Savoir Faire”… Discover ecotourism activities in the Vercors, the villages of the heart of the Trièves, around the lake or in the Dévoluy.   

ecotourism activities

Accommodation providers in the Trièves are eco-committed!

Accommodation providers are committed to an eco-responsible approach: you will arrive at accommodation providers who, out of conviction, have signed the ecotourism charter for the Trièves.Multiply our initiatives  for the environment: preservation of the starry sky, LPO French League for the Protection of Birds refuges, local short circuit cuisine from farm to fork… for peaceful, welcoming and green stays in the Trièves!

Ecofriendly accommodation


terre vivante


The Terre Vivante centre is a pioneer in practical ecology.

Established for over 40 years in the Trièves, their prolific publishing house also has a vast terrain for experimental planting with fantastic gardens.

Close to Mens, Terre Vivante welcomesvisitors for garden tours, workshops, training and courses. Vegetable plot gardening, basketry, beekeeping… all will be revealed!

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Responsible tourism is achievable in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region in France! Thirty kilometres from Grenoble in Isère, and a few hours from Valence or Lyon, you can stay in a responsible way, and discover a territory where ecotourism is in perfect harmony with your values. The Trièves, in the Vercors and Dévoluy, places the preservation of the environment,  quality of life and the well-being of its visitors, as well as its inhabitants first! Choose to relax in exceptional accommodation,  practice eco-responsible activities, and explore the territory at your own pace!