With its 840 km of signposted hiking trails, the Trièves offers you magnificent itineraries from village to village, to the summits of the Vercors and the Dévoluy and across wide uninhabited nature.

Walk along the shores of Lake Monteynard-Avignonet and traverse the impressive Himalayan footbridges. Drive through the countryside from village to village, and discover the local heritage and agriculture. From the mountainside to the summits, traversing the Hauts-Plateaux Nature Reserve, explore the Dévoluy and Vercors massifs. Enjoy the simple pleasures of this “land of natural balance”: the rejuvenating green of spring, the freshness of an early summer morning, the splendid autumn colours or the invigorating winter air. In every season, the Trièves offers a diversity of landscapes that hiking allows you to fully appreciate, whether you are a casual walker or an experienced pro.

Breathtaking Landscapes

The richness of the Trièves is in the variety of its landscapes: from the shores of Lake Monteynard-Avignonet to the summit of the Grand-Veymont, passing through villages, the mountain pastures, the ridges of the Eastern Balcony of the Vercors or the slopes of the Obiou. The mountains are accessible to all: every visitor should be able to find the ideal hike among our itineraries. To take in the sights, we recommend several small summits that offer incredible views of the contrasting landscapes of the Trièves, such as Châtel, Goutaroux, Ménil, Platary or the Côte-Rouge.

Nature’s Riches

Ibexes, marmots, vultures: take your binoculars with you when you hike up the mountains to observe the wealth of fauna in the Trièves. You will also appreciate our abundant flora during your hikes. Crocuses, orchids, primroses, gentians: Spring positively blooms with the variety of wild flowers to spot. The Vercors Plateaux Nature Reserve, located in the heart of the Vercors Park, is the largest nature reserve in mainland France with 17,000 hectares. A research centre for biodiversity, it shelters and conserves a rich flora and fauna, as well as the reintroduction of some species. Please be particularly respectful of the regulations posted on your hikes to preserve this exceptional natural heritage.

A wide variety of hiking itineraries on offer

Thanks to our search engine on the Tourism Office’s website, in just a few clicks find your ideal hike among a vast choice of themed walks, summit scaling, discovery loops, viewpoints… Amateurs de dénivelés ou de balades familiales, férus de sommets ou âmes d’explorateurs, il y a une randonnée pour toutes les envies dans le Trièves !

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Explore the Trièves’ longer hiking trails

Sign up for an adventure and create life memories. The Trièves has several Grande Randonnée hiking trails running through it. The crossing of the Vercors High-Plateaux Natural Reserve via the GR 91 or the GR93, is a real immersion in nature. The GR965 Sur les Pas des Huguenots follows the exile route of the Huguenots from Poët-Laval in the Drôme to Bad Karlshafen in Germany. This trail traverses the Trièves from the Col de Menée to the Cognet bridge, passing through Le Percy, Prébois and Mens.

Guided hikes

Local mountain guides offer family or more challenging hikes revealing secret and panoramic corners of the Trièves. Some of them propose themed hikes including subjects like prehistory, edible plants, stargazing or geocaching. All of them are keen to share the richness of our territory’s nature and history with our visitors.

Hike the Himalayan footbridges at Lake Monteynard-Avignonet

Hiking the Himalayan footbridges over Lake Monteynard-Avignonet takes you on an out-of-the-ordinary adventure above the turquoise waters of the Drac and the Ebron rivers. At 12,5 km, this hiking circuit offers an unusual loop which takes you across the gorges of the Drac and those of the Ebron via the Drac Himalayan footbridge (220m) and the Ebron Himalayan footbridge (180m). This trail offers magnificent viewpoints of  the lake and the surrounding mountains, while walking along a pleasant forest path.

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