Trièves’ La Route des Savoir-Faire  is composed of craftsmen, farm producers and cultural sites.

Whether for a tasting, a course, a show or a visit, you will be amazed by the richness of this territory. Your taste buds, your hands and your eyes will ask for more!

From St Andéol to Tréminis through Châtel en Trièves and Monestier-du-Percy, come and taste the cheese or whisky (in moderation!), discover felting or enjoy the theatre.

Take the time to get to know these people who are passionate about their work and who are happy to take the time to talk to you about it. Along the way, you get to admire exceptional landscapes, surrounded by mountain summits and sustainable agriculture.

A dedicated website takes you to the Trièves’ La Route des Savoir Faire: use this site to discover  its members and  visit schedules as well as training courses and activities on offer.

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